16 Jun

Syrups are ideal for adding a little sweetness and light to dishes, and a splash of colours to desserts or instead of sugar.  Nice and simple, however somewhat time consuming, and the top tip is to never take your eye off the stove!



  • 600ml infused water

  • 450g granulated sugar


  1. Add sugar to infused water, dissolving on a low heat

  2. Raise to the boil and heat until 112ºc

  3. If you don’t have a sugar thermometer drop a little onto a cold plate (store in the fridge) which will instantly cool it

  4. Expect syrup to take 1 hour or so however take your eye off the ball and you will have toffee… or a very burnt pan!

You may wish to add a small amount of citric acid/lemon juice to help prevent sugar mould, although this can hamper flavour.  It is also possible to make a simple sugar syrup as above and then add in whichever foraged flavour you are after as the syrup infuses.  Leave it in for 2 days - 2 weeks depending and then drain.

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