16 Jun

Wild food is packed pull of essential vitamins and minerals and cordials can be a fantastic way to enjoy health benefits as well as preservation.  It is important to note there is also a whack load of sugar however you could reduce this by using fructose (if you choose to do this use 2/3rds of the recipe amount).  Any berries or fruits work well, likewise elderflower cordial is one of the staples of an English summer.  I would suggest any flower infusion could be used however you would need to ensure that the flavour is strong enough to carry over the sugar and citrus.

Basic Cordial


  • 1 pint liquid (flower infusion or prepared & strained fruit juice)

  • 1lb granulated sugar

  • 1/2 lemon (you could use 2.5ml citric acid or an alternative citrus fruit)


  1. Dissolve sugar in the liquid on a low heat

  2. Add the lemon or alternative

  3. Raise to the boil and cook for a further ten minutes

  4. Bottle in sterilised container

Simple!  This is a fantastic way of enjoying your favourite wild foods throughout the year. To finish store in hipster-style mini milk bottles & serve in a jam-jar with ice & a sprig of fresh mint.

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