Fungi - Wood Blewit Risotto

  •  20.06.2018 12:34 PM

Mushrooms & Fungi Recipes There is very little quite as exciting as foraging, searching every nook and cranny of a woodland, hedgerow or field, in the hope of stumbling across one of our fungi friends. Identification of these beauties is almost as enjoyable as eating them - but regardless a vital stage. For novices I would strongly advise going along to a course with a professional. With that experience under your belt pick up a few guide books - it's always worth cross referencing anything with two, or ideally three, good books. Forum and groups are a great way to learn however I would caution that taking ID from just people's word on the internet is dicey! Once identification is certain it's all down to recipes - how to prepare these treasures? Some edibles are better than others and their ultimate is simply cooked gently in butter and garlic. Far too many are written off as being bland, uninspiring, or just not worth it. I've aimed to take some of these and put them to the top of the menu - sometimes all they need is a little love.