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Learn the basics of lacto-fermentation, create your own ferments to take home and enjoy a light lunch. After enjoying a light lunch and tasting a range of fermented delights, learn the basics of lacto-fermentation. We will create cabbage based kraut, pickle, ketchup and onions. As well as looking at the health based benefits of fermenting, we will discuss how you can use fermentation to reduce food waste and preserve seasonal foods. You can ferment almost all fruits and vegetables, and not only does it improve the health and nutritional benefits of them, but the flavour as well. Fermentation is a way to preserve food, changing the environmental conditions of a food to make it inhospitable to pathogenetic and spoilage bacteria. Different organisms will give us different results, and learn the difference between using yeasts such as saccaromyces or bretomyces, lactic acid bacteria, or a combination. We will discuss how to give these organisms the ideal conditions for growth, the right kind of food, water, the right temperature, and how long they take. This will transform the texture and flavour of food, inhibit the growth of food spoilage and poisoning organisms, and therefore make them last much longer than fresh produce. The huge bonus is the positive health impacts on our gut microbiome, this is such an exciting area of nutrition at the moment. You can either bring your own jars or they will be supplied.

  • Date: 14.07.2024 01:30 PM
  • Location Main Street, Mid Calder, Livingston EH53 0AW, UK (Map)
  • More Info: Glenalmond Hall, Main Street, Mid Calder. Opposite the Tap Shop pub. Free parking behind the hall.